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Vehicle Glass Repair

In this section we will out-line the measures Walsh Windscreens will take in your glass repair. Whether or not it is a windscreen repair, a side window or a rear window repair, this section will detail the careful steps taken and the process involved in fixing your glass.

The first steps between Walsh Windscreens and its customer is establishing the damage done. After that we can begin to estimate the windscreen repair cost. We always recommend that anyone with a chip or crack to their glass get in contact with us sooner rather than later as this reduces the need to have the windscreen replaced.

Once the damage has been established the next step is the treatment of the glass. We will advise on a strategy to have you on your way as quickly as possible depending on your situation.

Finally a windscreen repair cost will be determined. As mentioned before, the timing in which you get in touch with Walsh Windscreens will have a significant bearing on the cost of your repair. If you are concerned about an existing chip, contact us on our 24hr emergency number as soon as possible. Alternatively if an incident has taken place, fill in our claim form to get started so we can assist you.

Rear window

Rear window damage is less common then windscreen and side window damage but is just as unsettling and in some cases more difficult to assess. Due to the fact some vehicles have built in rear window brake lights and demisting systems, the practice in repair and replacement needs a little more attention.

With vehicles displaying varying lighting systems, we recommend that you get in touch with Walsh Windows immediately if you find yourself in the position of having a damaged rear window and from here our expert team can assist you.

Side Window

Unfortunately with car crime on the increase in Ireland, a break-in through a vehicles side window is not uncommon. Again this is something Walsh Windows can help with and rectify in a quick and professional manner.

These incidents can take place when a vehicle is parked safely in your driveway overnight. However, there have been incidents where ‘smash and grab’ techniques, see victims side windows smashed while in traffic or stopped at lights.