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Windscreen Replacement

After assessing the damage done to your windscreen, Walsh Windscreens will make a recommendation that best suits your situation. We strive to deliver the most competitive windscreen replacement cost, however in some cases the windscreen will need to be replaced in its entirety as opposed to a windscreen repair. Our expert team will make a decision based on the level of damage to the windscreen and if a replacement is needed, a guideline will be set out advising on a cost and time frame, for the damaged windscreen replacement.

There are many areas of caution to be addressed before we can commence with the windscreen replacement all of which will be outlined by our expert windscreen replacement team. The interior of the vehicle will need to be covered to keep it protected during the process. Once the Walsh Windscreen team has done this we will begin the process of removing the glue that holds the windscreen in place. Walsh Windscreens use the highest quality bonding materials which includes high modulus where appropriate.

Remember: the glass used by Walsh Windscreens carries the E2 stamp and is per manufacturer’s standard.